Can anyone advise me on a credit problem?

brownsugar1961 asked:

I am trying to clean up my credit report. I have some charged off accounts that are still showing on my credit report. I have talked with the collection agencies and they all have agreed to settlement offers but three of them won’t put it in writing first. One company did and I have paid it off. One guy got real nasty and refused my offer. At first he was nice and then he flipped out. What can I do if they won’t except my offer. One offer is to high and I know I can’t afford it. Some of them won’t except monthly payments either. I have a friend that is an attorney. Should I ask him for help? I won’t my credit cleaned up so that my husband and I can refinace our home in about a year so that we can get a better intrest rate and payment. Please help! If this stays on my credit file it will accumulate intrest. My bad credit came from a previous divorce.

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