how essential is a credit score?

jeremy asked:

is a credit score still essential? in what sense? there are lot’s of advertisments saying “0% APR and after that is 8.9% for bad credits.” and then whenever i check my yahoomail there is always an ad that says, ‘sour credit? sweet card.” there are also cars, loans, credit cards, mortgages, refinance that requires no downpayment plus good APR rates. how essential are credit scores nowadays?

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2 thoughts on “how essential is a credit score?”

  1. Good credit reports / scores help in many different ways – lower interest rates for credit cards, loans, etc., lower rates on insurance, a better chance at being approved for a job or rent house / apartment, not having to pay, or pay a lesser amount, of a down payment on utilities, etc., etc., etc.

    Keep your information safe, never apply for credit through those offers you receive in your email or on clearinghouse types of credit sites. Those emails are spam, ignore them.

    If you apply for credit cards online, only apply on the creditors website.
    If you are looking for a car loan, mortgage, etc., deal with your bank or credit union.

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