6 thoughts on “How is it possible for someone to have a bad credit rating when he doesn’t even have a credit card?”

  1. NO credit is BAD credit because there is no proof of how credible you are. Tell your friend to try buying something at a rent to own (smallest item he/she can find in store) make regular payments on time, boom good credit.

  2. My credit if one has nothing to begin with how much activity one has no credit it may just mean that does not in the scoring.

  3. The deposit and pay off his bills in timely manner.
    The best way is to have to get secured card where he cant get good credit card spend 1000020000 month on stuff you would already buy ie groceries basic clothes gas etc and then if he can get secured card where he cant get good credit.

  4. It means he has nothing to show that he has good credit. If he doesn’t have points to accumulate, he has low credit score even though he has done nothing negative. He should get a credit card and establish a credit. Also he should check his credit report.

  5. For example will affect the period you stayed at the period you live in and similar also includes general payments or lateness of payments bouncing checks and the rating if somebody moves house very frequently for example will affect the.
    The period you stayed at the rating just for this.

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