2 thoughts on “How would one reverse a bad credit rating if it has been 7 years, I dont have the money to pay all the old?”

  1. Let it fall off. After 7 yrs, it needs to come off, and you should contact all 3 credit repositories [TransUnion, Equifax, Experian] to have it removed.However, if you’re not cultivating good sources of credit, your scores may not improve much. Don’t ‘close out’ lines of credit, and don’t rack up numerous credit inquiries all at once. Best bet is to charge a small amount monthly on ONE credit card, make sure it’s always paid off on time.

  2. Each state has a statute of limitations regarding debts. I put up a link for you to check what your state’s SOL is.

    Other links listed below will explain how to go about removing bad marks from your credit report, and sample letters that you can use.

    Good luck

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