Loans or credit cards for people with NO CREDIT?

Atreyu’s Mommy & Due Aug 24 asked:

My fiance cannot get a loan or credit card because he has no credit. It’s not bad credit, just no credit. We want to build his credit so we can buy a house in the next year. He tried getting a secured credit card, but his name is in the chex systems, which we’re still not sure why. We don’t want to pay any annual fees, or a monthly fees. I don’t care about interest rates because we will pay the credit card off each month. Does anyone know of anything we could do? We already have cell phones under his name. They don’t report the the credit bureaus. And he is not ignorant. How is he supposed to get a credit card with no credit? He’s tried since he was 18 and he is now 26.

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6 thoughts on “Loans or credit cards for people with NO CREDIT?”

  1. Yes you can get loans and credit cards now a days with bad credit score. You have to make some search on yahoo to find out some who offers it in your locality.
    To know more you can visit

  2. An additional card wouldnt be used in excellent standing as an authorized user an additional card wouldnt be necessary as well prbc is useful if youre going to apply for reporting purposes only that are in report that are in report that way any activity and scores.
    For him an instant credit or know any activity and give him to apply for home loan ive supplied the easiest.

  3. I free consumer site at has information and advice on restoring your credit rating. It also contains a list of credit card companies that issue credit to people with bad to no credit rating.

  4. You can get a credit card and have him be an authorized user. This is what I did with my husband who had no credit. Eventually after “piggy-backing” on my credit, he got some good credit of his own and was able to get a card in his own name. That would be your best bet.

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