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is there any where I can get a signiture loan for about $100,000 with no colataral and a bad credit rating?

cantgetenough asked:

I need a quick way out of debt! My income is about $90,00 a year and my total debt is a little over $100,000 half of it is my home but because of bad judgement what I pay out is more than I make. I feel I could pay it all off if I could get it all in one payment it would be alot easier to pay off.


What is the best way to repair a bad credit rating?

coola asked:

I have overdrafts, loans and credit cards and I have missed many payments on all of them and am overlimit on my overdraft and credit card. Apart from making payments on time how can I get a better credit rating? Will it only get better once I don’t owe anything or if I begin to make regular payments on time will that improve it? How long does it take for it to begin to improve? I’m in the UK so need info for here please. Thank you!