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How To Improve Your Credit Rating

Terry Edwards asked:

Poor credit ratings are common, and whether a person is considered wealthy, middle-class or poor does not seem to have a true relationship to their credit rating. Perhaps this trend is because some of us live beyond our means, or because we get into financial hardships that we have no control over, or maybe it’s due to simple procrastination. Whatever the reasons may be, many Americans are searching for a way to improve their credit rating.

If this describes you please know that you are in good company. Surveys prove that credits ratings are a concern for most American households. This article will provide some simple strategies for improving your credit rating.

Although credit ratings will not go up overnight, with time they can be improved. Start by getting a copy of your credit report. Check it thoroughly for accuracy. If you find any false or inaccurate information you should act immediately. Contact the reporting agency clearly identifying each mistake. Be exact in stating why it is wrong. It is wise to send a copy of your report with the errors circled along with any supporting documentation. Keep copies of all forms, letters and documentation that you send the credit bureaus.

The agency is required to investigate any relevant dispute within 30 days of receiving your letter. Anything that is not verified as accurate by a creditor is removed. If changes are made to your credit file you will be notified and the bureau will send you an updated copy of your credit report.

The next step in improving your credit rating is devising a spending plan. Ideally you want to reduce your debt to the degree that you are able to make payments on time – every time.

Being proactive is essential to improving a credit rating. If you are not able to make your payments on time call your creditors to negotiate a payment date or schedule. This will keep your accounts in better standing

If your credit is extremely bad, perhaps you’ve filed bankruptcy, you need to work at re-establishing good credit as soon as possible. Buy something on credit and pay it off according to payment schedule or earlier.

Other suggestions for improving your credit rating include using the services of a professional debt relief counselor. Many of such services and programs have been created over the last few years. These programs can save you money, time, and stress, as you improve your credit score.