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Need to move so daughter can go to a good district but we have bad credit?

glsipps asked:

This was my daughters last year at a private school. Our plan was to move before she started the new school year. We made a terrible mistake a few years ago & and refinanced our house with an adjustable rate mortage. Our payment changes now every six months. We always make our house payment so now credit card bills have not been paid. So, we now have bad credit, we cannot refinance our house and we certainly could not finance a new or used home. You have to have good credit to rent a house. We do not have any family to help us finance another home in a good school district. We live in a very bad school district & we cannot afford to send my daughter to private school anymore. I hate that my daughter is having to pay for our mistakes. She was so excited about moving. I am constantly being asked where my daughter will be going to school & I am constatnly being told that I have to do everything I can not to send her to the school in our district. I don’t know how to get out of this mess