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Improve Your Credit Rating Now – 3 Tips to a Better Credit Score

Roxanne Black asked:

A credit rating is a financial record that is attached to your name. It is vitally important that you keep your credit score high and clean. If you do not do this then you may find that it is very difficult to get anything financially related, such as credit cards and bank loans. The good news is however that you can improve your credit score using these top 3 tips. Find out how you can do it now

1- Always pay your bills on time

This is a major one and is the main reason most people have a bad credit score. You need to pay your bills as soon as possible, as soon as they arrive if you can. Even being just a little bit over can have an impact on your credit score. Do your best to get them paid on time.

2- Monitor your debt levels

This can be as simple as keeping an eye on your credit card account. The best way to handle a credit card account is to keep the credit available at under 50% of the credit that you have available to keep your credit rating clean. If you are using more of the credit then take steps to get it lowered. Find ways of paying it off if you want to get your credit rating raised.

3- Check your credit score

This is an important tip. You may be getting a bad credit rating even when its not your fault. You can raise it by removing false information and mistakes as these can happen often.


Should I use my student loan money to pay off my credit cards?

bdsm_rockstar asked:

I have about $4,000 in credit card debt. Should I take out the extra loan money to pay off all the credit cards. If I do this, the only bills I will have to worry about paying are the student loans, and it will improve my credit rating. The bad side is that I will have about $55,000 in student loans. I’m getting my Master’s and would be teaching, so I feel I could pay the loans on time and fairly easily. What do you think? Actually Sigma, the main reason I got the cards was to help me get to college. I won’t be using them that much, and I don’t intend on closing the account because that will have an adverse effect on my credit rating. I may cut the cards up, but I will definitely NOT close the accounts…


What is the best way to repair a bad credit rating?

coola asked:

I have overdrafts, loans and credit cards and I have missed many payments on all of them and am overlimit on my overdraft and credit card. Apart from making payments on time how can I get a better credit rating? Will it only get better once I don’t owe anything or if I begin to make regular payments on time will that improve it? How long does it take for it to begin to improve? I’m in the UK so need info for here please. Thank you!


How bad can you screw up your credit by not paying a $198.00 cell phone bill for 4 months?

theTru7h asked:

I’m gonna pay it soon, within the next 2 months. Well my car is not a winter car and I have to go get something to drive this winter. I found a car that I like for $3,000. I had an above average credit rating but I haven’t paid my cell phone for 2 months and was late one time on a best buy and lenscrafters credit cards. I paid them the next month the fees and monthly paymentX2. I pretty sure I know the answer to this question but, do I have a chance to get a 3k loan or did I screw myself? Yeah I figured.