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How can I get a business credit card despite bad credit rating in Canada?

almcneilcan asked:

Help! I’m trying to start up a business and all I need is a $10k business credit card. But I have a bad credit rating and so far lenders insist I must have a strong co-signer. But I can’t get anyone to do this for me (long story) Any suggestions? In answer to the first responder, it’s a self-employed business. I’m the only employee. It’s a long story but my personal financial mess is a combination of the high tech collapse (I’m an engineer) that has gone on 6 years, 3.5 years unemployed for myself. Plus, I have a medical condition. I finally made a bold move to get around the medical condition so I can start my own business, now all that is stopping me is a co-signer. I agree, it’s not an enviable position but I have no other choice. Is there any way to get a credit card without a co-signer when you have a bad credit rating?