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Credit Repair: Improve Your Credit Rating

Terry Till asked:

In today’s world of financial credit it is of the utmost importance that you have a sound credit rating, or score, as this is the benchmark that all financial institutions use to determine whether they will advance you credit.

Now this form of credit may be for any number of purposes such as an automobile purchase, a mortgage on a home or even a family holiday, whatever it is that you are looking to gain credit for will involve a credit worthiness check and so you will see how vital a good credit score is necessary.

Obviously things taken into consideration by the financial institutions when arriving at this credit worthiness rating are previous loan repayment history and basically anything in your financial history that might give them doubts as to your possible worthiness to repay any credit given.

Obtaining a good credit history is usually something that is acquired automatically over your normal lifetime of using bank accounts and generally paying credit arrangements on time, however if at anytime you have been in the unfortunate position to have defaulted on credit repayments or even had to come to some arrangement on credit repayments by a forced legal action then this will obviously affect any future possible credit advancements.

One-way you can start to build, or rebuild your credit worthiness might be by obtaining a secured or pre-paid debit card. These can be used exactly the same way as a traditional credit card however you place cash advancements on the card first, which in effect becomes the limit on the card you are able to use. These cards are available fairly easily as there are no risks to the financial lenders and thus gives you all the advantages of a normal credit card without any possibility of placing yourself into a debt situation.

Over time using this means of payment while maintaining any other financial commitments you may have will regain your credit score and in time will lead to you being able to approach companies for a traditional credit card, should you wish, plus all other forms of credit arrangements.