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What Is The Freaking Deal With Prospective Employers Checking Credit?

Guy S asked:

I’ve been on a job hunt for several months now. I’m trying to get away from the Strictly commission jobs and get a job that I know how much money I will have every month and how to set my budget etc. I’ve applied everywhere, some have interviewed me, and many have denied me because of my negative credit rating. When I lost my solid salary+commission job, I wasnt able to pay bills. I tried filing unemployment, but dont qualify. I went from a $70,000/yr job to applying at walmart making $6 an hour. Everywhere I’ve applied denies me because of the credit. How the hell am I supposed to pay bills and fix the negative marks when I cant get a job? Explaining to a creditor that you cant get a job due to credit problems doesnt work so well. My qualifications have been pretty competitive in most places I’ve applied. But the saying ive seen saying that bad credit = irresponsibility isnt true. Its unforeseen events or problems that arise is an attribute to bad credit in A LOT of cases.