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If car insurance is magnatory then why do they make laws to penalize people that have bad credit?

Vivianna asked:

People are strapped as it is because of the gas situation so in order to just get to work to go to thier meager wage jobs they have had a hard time paying thier bills so they may have charged the difference. Now a lot of good working class people have gotten in over their heads with credit cards, but insurance companies now are taking advantage of people in a hardship situation. They make it harder on people because they can leagally raise your rates without you knowing adding insult to injury another outragous payment which no one cold afford when wages have never gone up to meet the cost of living. So what are people suposed to do? Are there any laws to protect people with bad credit?


does anyone know a lender by name, not a web site for bad credit loan?

Ray S asked:

i am willing to pay any interest rate, please do not give me sermon on saving and use of money, just a lender with a name that i do not have to send money upfront, buy insurance policy put 10 percent down, 4 payments nothing like that please no nigerian lenders, a true blue american lender. only serious mature people respond to this question, remember i do not need a lecture on credit or a preacher