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How to improve credit?

MikeR asked:

I have pretty bad credit … 610 – 640. Have some bad medical records and also student load records. They are all current or completely paid off now, but the records still linger until 7 years (which most of them should display within a year) But I want to build my credit, and one thing someone said in this forum was that diversify loan types, and get some small loans. I am worried 1. since my credit was pretty bad, I either don’t get the loan or get very bad rate. 2. If I get the loan and pay it off in couple of month (2) because I don’t want to pay the interest. It doesn’t help either does it? 3. What is a good amount to borrow? 3 – 5G 10G, 20G? I really have no use for this money but just want to use it to improve my credit score. What’s a good way to build up credits fast? Thank you all for answering, I do have credit cards. I have 3 credit card with very high limits, which are under my wife’s name (she has great credit in less than 2 years 780 something) 2 in my name one is 1200 and another is 2500. All of them are at least 6 month old and always paid in full in time! Just hoping for some ideas to establish some credit faster than normal like getting a loan or something. I don’t agree with not having credit at all. Even if you don;t want loans and debts, there are so many things that can be affected, like my home owner’s insurance.


where’s the best place to get a small loan if you have bad credit without getting raped with interest?

nonya. asked:

i just need about 2000 to 2500, and i think my credit’s gotten a little worse over the past few months, i’m not completely sure.. i’m looking to find a loan with these places online, mycredittree.com, etc.. without getting raped with interest. just looking for somewhere legit that will actually get me what i want at a decent rate or at least a decent amount to pay back per month that i can actually afford.. please help :) i joined a credit union.. i got a loan from them a couple months ago, but forgot to make my payment last month (they take it out of my savings acct. there and i don’t have money direct deposited to it so i have to physically go up there and deposit it before the loan payment is due every month) so my acct. was delinquent for a couple weeks.. of course as soon as i found out, i payed it.. but the lady there said i shouldn’t apply for another 6 months.. i don’t have 6 months. i don’t care if the rates are that bad, as long as it’s not going to be like a payday loan place where i have to pay it all in one shot.. if i only have to make 1 payment a month over a 36 month period or whatever i’ll be fine.. do these places online make you pay it all back in one installment, or are they like normal loans with just higher interest rates?


How can I get started in real estate with bad credit and no money?

cj asked:

I keep seeing all of these ads on TV and the internet that claim you can get started in real estate with bad credit and no money. First, how true are theses ads? Second, how do can I get started? My state has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, but there are still a lot of people buying up houses like crazy. I want to find out how to tap into the secrets of buying and selling real estate. Please no bs scams that promise a lot and produce nothing. I don’t want to have to buy an ebook or any other type of material that you have to pay up front.