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Is my credit score too bad to buy a home?

tensec50 asked:

I am a 25 year old single male. I am looking to buy a new home next year and I recently checked my credit score to get an idea of what I would be looking at. My credit score was significantly lower than I thought it would be. I am only at a 513. I have a bunch of accounts under collection from when I was younger, and quite a few medical accounts still open. My larger accounts have pretty good payment histories. I have never owned a home before, but I have a few good years of rental history. I recently purchased a motorcyle which will hopefully help my credit, but it is a very new account, so maybe it is hurting me more than helping. I tried to look up mortgage calculators, but I have no idea what kind of instrest rate I would be looking at. Also, I am not even sure if there are any companies that will finance me with such a low score. I have a job where I make about 60-80k a year, but I don’t don’t know if that will be enough. What are some quick things I can do to bring my score up?