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If you have poor credit can you still get a new car?

mistypisces asked:

I will be graduating in December and getting a better paying job. I’m wanting to trade my car in. The thing is that I have very poor credit. I am wanting to get a Mercedez Benz. Now I know you are thinking that is very far fetched to want somthing that expensive with bad credit. I know and understand. But I will be able to afford it. I hate it that my credit is so bad. I had to make lots of sacrafices going to school. Now that I am back on my feet again I want to try and better things. Is there any way I can get the car of my dreams with having bad credit and not having a cosigner? What if I had $6-7 thousand dollars to put down on the vehicle? Would they say okay, but with a high intrest rate? How much would I have to put down in order for them to finance me with bad credit? Thanks