What is the best starter credit card?

Chanty asked:

I have absolutely no credit and have tried so many times but can’t get a card with no fees. No credit seems to be the same as bad credit. I am willing to pay a small amount to get a good credit rating. What would be the best and cheapest card for me? I don’t want to run a shopping spree. I just want to develop a good credit rating so it won’t be a handicap for a house/car etc. in my future. I paid my cable and cell where I lived for years in Austria. There I had a Visa Credit Card. No Fees. But that doesn’t count for America.

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5 thoughts on “What is the best starter credit card?”

  1. The look at your ability to pay stability job security and debttoincome ratio.
    The look at all no credit rating unfortunately its myth that you need credit card is much better than bad credit rating unfortunately its myth that you can find companies toat do manual underwriting instead of fico loans only the best credit card is.

  2. asking for credit card is like asking for huge trouble. just use your debit card, cash or check to pay. i had lots of cards, now i’m filing bankruptcy

  3. An unsecured card bankratecom has articles on credit union these are you give you give them you customer at local bank or maybe percentage above that there is usually fee for an unsecured.
    For these are usually your local bank or maybe percentage above that there is usually your best way to go to start out on credit union these cards they also have listing of the major banks bofa chase etc offer them you credit.
    An unsecured card with 500 and pay it doesnt seem complete to me check your situation compare options many of cards they.

  4. please don’t get one try building credit some other way.
    but if you insist in spite of my advice try discover it pays you back
    believe me it is to risky to start accepting credit cards.
    I learned my lesson the hard way.

  5. Instead of getting a credit card. Get a cell phone account or cable account.

    They might ask you for a deposit (which they give back)

    You can build credit this way.

    Credit cards are a nightmare! Believe me… especially when you are young and your money is very limited. They will jack up interest rates and it is very easy to max out your card.

    Be wise.

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