3 thoughts on “who will give me a house loan?”

  1. Australia, gee I don’t know.

    In the US, banks are generally cheapest. Mortgage brokers are generally the most flexible and best able to accomodate less than perfect credit.

    Does anyone know if Australia is the same?

    If so, I would recommend starting at a bank. Even if they turn you down, you will have a good idea what a good price and rate on a loan in your area would be. Then if you go to a mortgage broker – which is a fine choice in the US – just normally a little bit more expensive up front – you can compare with what banks are offering and make an informed decision.

    P.S. My wife and I were in a rush to buy our first home, and bought as soon as we could with a small down payment and not much credit history. Everything worked out fine, and that was three houses ago, but we would have been better off financially if we had rented for another year or two and built up more cash for a down payment.

    Good luck

  2. Just go to a local bank and apply. It won’t hurt to get their recommendation. Probably won’t cost you anything either.

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